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those youtube vloggers that you can spend hours watching on the internet.
zozie mcpherson. 17. professional fangirl. belieber & directioner.
those youtube vloggers
fan fiction.


why does no one write super dirty fan fictions about me, they give me so much entertainment to read. now-a-days its just “he kissed me gently” what is this ball shit.

you have very nice hair and also face

Haha, you’re such a sweetheart :) I actually dyed some of my hair purple the other day so it doesn’t look the same anymore haha.

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Oh my shit!
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Reblog or like if you’re a YouTuber account. I would like to follow some of your sexy faces.
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Hello sexy people. Message me on kik? I’m bored. @zoziemcpherson. :D

Please Read!

Hey guys :) Hope you are all well. I have decided to start a new segment called “Meet..” Each friday, i will post a bunch of information about a youtuber who has under 15k subs on youtube, so that they can get recognition, if you think you are a youtuber that deserves to be on this segment, message me your youtube link, and a few details about you such as your age, country and just a few odd facts about you :) looking forward to seeing your entries :) xx love you all

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